29 August, 2008

On Moving, and the Start of My 23rd Year...

I am almost moved out of my San Francisco apartment. September 1st will mark the beginning of my time surfing couches, and living out of the leather bag I carried with me to London the first time I went. (Hopefully I can skip most of the couches and stay at my boyfriend's place most of the time.)

Packing to move abroad is quite an experience. I've moved many times before, but never like this. I'm getting rid of most of my furniture and a large amount of my belongings. It's freeing to find yourself needing only the things in one or two boxes. I packed a box of books I want to take with me, as well as a box of my knick-knacks and whatnot that have special meaning to me. Other than that, I'm taking only clothes, some of my DVDs, and my sewing machine and computer. And that's it.

Today my room mates gave me a going away gift- they found an adorable change purse (which I will need for all those 1 and 2 pound coins in the UK) and filled it with pound coins they got exchanged for me. "To make sure you start your stay there with a little food and fun money," they said. I will miss my room mates. They are incredibly sweet guys.

I can't believe how fast time is going. September 19th is so close it's disgusting. And yet I'm surprisingly sane through all of this. Perhaps I'm simply in an advanced stage of denial, or maybe I'm finally coming to accept that I've made this decision and I have to see it through. And maybe I'm a little bit excited to start my life over. I think I am still a little sad too- I don't eat much and I can't sleep. But generally, I am okay (albeit a little thinner than usual).

Oh! I turn 23 next Tuesday. I've been so busy with the practical tasks I've had to take care of as I move that my birthday kind of snuck up on me. 23.... That was my dad's lucky number. It has a certain magnetic quality to it. I always knew that my 23rd year was going to be interesting in some way. Who knew, huh? Happy almost birthday to me!

As I am prepping to move, more and more people are talking to me about it. And it seems that everyone has a friend who's in London or in fashion design. I've had so many offers from friends of friends to show me around, or introduce me to other designers. It is very comforting to know that there are friendly people on that side of the pond, eager to meet me. I hope I become enough of a talented designer to make the most of all these new contacts.

The toughest thing I've been dealing with during this whole process is my relationship. Many an evening has been spent with my boy, talking about our future. It hasn't been easy on either of us. But my boyfriend and I have decided to give a long distance relationship a try for the first quarter. I am a little nervous about how well I'll deal with the separation, but I am willing to try it for him. He's been really great through all of my meltdowns, and indecisive drama. Not many guys would stick around through my emotional storms. It reminded me how amazing he is, and I decided to give this whole long distance thing a try.

And now I should return to my regularly scheduled "Throw Everything I Own Into A Box" programming....

20 August, 2008


Ok, school update: I found out that I am taking four classes my first quarter. I will find out what they are in a day or two, but I do know that I get to take a jewelery design course! I am thrilled! I wanted to take jewelery design at my last two art schools, but because I had declared a major they wouldn't let me. I'm EXCITED! I have an unbelievable desire to learn how to cast things in metal, and to design laser-cut metal pieces to incorporate into my fashion designs!