29 August, 2009

Design Ideas

Here is a shitty photo of a quick design rough I did in the second of my shoe design courses today.

I'm kind of in love with the design, to be honest. I want to produce this one. The body of the shoe will be thick, ruched black leather while the heel/back/collar and toe are in taupe leather.

It was compared to Rick Owens' work by my teacher, and I am VERY flattered.

(MY design, please do not steal. If you do I will send my ninjas after you. Shiny ninjas. Shiny ninjas of pain.)

28 August, 2009

The Beginning of a Little Artistic Venture

My flat mate and I have been discussing a number of projects we want to do together. They range from ridiculous business ventures (a butcher shop called "Please to Meat!") to the basic art student shit. You can probably guess which we feel is more realistic for us to pursue at this time...

She got a fantastic digital SLR camera for her birthday and we've been DYING to mess around with it. So today, we found time to choose an outfit and shoot in the park just as the sun was setting. But of course the light disappeared quickly and took the warmth of the day with it. Not ten minutes into our shoot the temperature dropped and the rain began. We got only three photos, which I will now post here to mark the beginning of an artistic collaboration between two idiot girls with a camera and some pretty dresses.

All photos are by the very talented Nivina Hameed.
(ps- not all the photos will be of me, we're just starting this way because we have to work with what we have.)

27 August, 2009

Replacement Bikes

Today we went back to Bike Works, my favorite bike shop, in hopes of picking up two bikes that had been fixed up for us. The new-to-us used bike buying was half successful today- My flatmate came home with a nice bike, but the one I went back for needed some more work done to it. They offered me another one but it wasn't quite the right size. I was a little let down.

The shop is couple of miles away from our flat, and I didn't want my friend to have to walk her new bike back simply because I hadn't found one, so I offered to walk back alone so that she could ride back. The guys at the bike shop overheard and in a moment of pity over our stolen bikes, offered to loan me the bike I had tried out today!

So we rode away with two bikes, only one of which we paid for, with plans to go back on Wednesday (my birthday) to go try out the bigger bike. :)

We rode home along the canal and through Victoria Park and it felt so good to be riding again. In the week I had my bike I had become rather addicted.

I can't wait to go back on my birthday and try out another bike!

Oblique Strategy for the Day.

"Make a sudden, destructive unpredictable action; incorporate"

24 August, 2009

99p of Oxfam Greatness

How could I leave the store without it?

23 August, 2009

Bikes Be Gone

Today my flatmate and I both had our bikes stolen while we were having a drink in the pub a few streets away.

We came outside excited by our day and our new found comfort riding in real traffic, only to find that the rack where we had chained our bikes was empty. I felt numb, and then sick, and now I'm just sad and pissed off.

We are going to do everything we can to try and find our bikes. We will go to all the 2nd hand bike shops to ask if bikes matching our descriptions were sold to them yesterday. We also filed a police report, even though we know they won't do anything about it (despite the CCTV cameras pointed directly at the place where we locked our bikes up).

It feels like someone took away the symbol of my new freedom to go where I want to go. It really shook me up for a few hours. Somehow it will all work out, I am sure of it. But right now it just feels shitty.


goodbye little bikes.

S&M Brunch


Sausages and Mash.

22 August, 2009

Well Hung

I finally took a moment to hang the chalkboard we bought for the kitchen.

This Is My Life

There is nothing like biking to your neighborhood produce shop in the sun to come home and prepare a dinner of Dhal, Curried chicken and potatoes, Bhindi Bhaji, and bay leaf soaked rice. We cooked curry in a wok while listening to MC Hammer in a flat in England.

We also discovered magnetic poetry stuck to the side of our refrigerator and have since begun tormenting one another with it.

Our first poem sprung forth from the eating of tarts and discussing being an interracial household.

"You are whit(e)y. I, pariah. Tantamount torment! We know ennui. Usurp my Treacle."

And today we picked up the Russian print from 1927 and hung it in our otherwsie empty living room!

This is my life.

15 August, 2009

Growed Up

Today I bought a bike. My flatmate and I rode around Victoria park for hours enjoying the sunshine and the inevitable feeling of freedom that comes with having control over your means of transportation.

We then rode along the canal back home, and around our neighborhood. All in all I'm guessing we rode more than five miles today! Go team!

Then, a few hours later, in the cafe/vintage shop that is quick becoming our new favorite haunt I found an amazing piece of vintage art from the 20s. And seeing how much we loved it, the owner (who seems oddly fascinated with the fact that we are two girls originating in two of England's bastard children countries, living in London) cut the price in half for us. We had to say yes. With our birthdays only a week apart, and upcoming, we decided to call it Our Birthday Gift to ourselves.

We bought art. And ghetto bikes. I'm an adult. And a little hipster biker chick.

12 August, 2009

New Flat, New Outlook

I am typing to you now from my phone, laying on my new queen size bed in my new flat!

I am the happiest I have felt in..... god, I think forever. This is the happiest I have ever been for this extended a period of time. I'm broke, our boiler is broken and we've had to take cold showers, we're half unpacked, I'm exhausted.... and I am having the time of my life.

09 August, 2009


I just got back to the dorms after seeing our new flat for the first time since we did the initial viewing. We both worried that it had somehow improved in our memories- that it had become bigger and brighter. But actually, we were right. It is big and bright and we cannot believe how happy we are to be moving tomorrow morning!

It isn't high spec, and it isn't anything fancy, but for two artists who want to have both a home and good place to work, it is perfect.

Moving Day Approacheth!

Yesterday we signed the contracts and they handed us some keys, and all of a sudden we realized that the new flat is OURS! How did that happen?! We move tomorrow morning, first thing.

Can you believe it? Someone actually made the mistake of thinking I was a responsible adult who can be trusted with an apartment.

07 August, 2009

UK Air Guitar Championships 2009

In contrast to my last post about seeing a beautifully crafted production of Waiting for Godot, tonight I went to go see the UK 2009 Air Guitar Championships! A good time was had by all.

Raise your imaginary goblet of rock!

(I am VERY sorry for the quality of sound and video)
The opening to the show, an all air band!

05 August, 2009

Waiting for Godot- some damn good theatre

Image stolen from here

Today I saw the most incredible stage production I have ever seen. At 2:30 the curtain went up on Waiting for Godot starring Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and Simon Callow. What are the chances that three such famous and talented Shakespearean actors would appear on stage together? It was absolutely amazing.

I've never seen a Beckett play performed before, and this one was every bit as mysterious and cyclical as I thought it would be. For three actors with such incredibly large stage presence, they all played it very subtle and deep. I knew McKellen was an amazing actor, but I had no idea how physical an actor he was. Every step, every gesture was thought out, but evoked a character so set in his ways, so perfectly set in who he was.... even his most cartoony of moments seemed natural.

The two lead actors balanced each other beautifully- McKellan the cynic opposite Stewart the straight man. The mark of a good actor is not noticing when they are acting, and with Stewart and McKellen I found myself so enveloped in their characters and the strange hell/world they occupied that I forgot to notice that there were two very famous people who have played iconic roles, right in front of me. They actually disassociated themselves from Gandalf and Picard and became Vladamir and Estragon. They weren't even Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart anymore, they were just Vladamir and Estragon. Fucking. Amazing.

Leaving the theatre, I re-entered the world unsure of what is real.

If you have any chance in hell of scalping tickets to this show, go see it. It's worth every penny.