09 August, 2009

Moving Day Approacheth!

Yesterday we signed the contracts and they handed us some keys, and all of a sudden we realized that the new flat is OURS! How did that happen?! We move tomorrow morning, first thing.

Can you believe it? Someone actually made the mistake of thinking I was a responsible adult who can be trusted with an apartment.


Trav28 said...

Congrats and good luck!

If you need a bread maker as a flat warming pressie, give me a yell ;)

Carrie said...

First real flat I take it? I remember mine. There's something to be said about that first night in, when everything still smells new. Enjoy.

The Redhead said...

Trav28, thanks!

Carrie, I've always moved into a room in someone else's flat, so this is a first. Very exciting!