15 August, 2009

Growed Up

Today I bought a bike. My flatmate and I rode around Victoria park for hours enjoying the sunshine and the inevitable feeling of freedom that comes with having control over your means of transportation.

We then rode along the canal back home, and around our neighborhood. All in all I'm guessing we rode more than five miles today! Go team!

Then, a few hours later, in the cafe/vintage shop that is quick becoming our new favorite haunt I found an amazing piece of vintage art from the 20s. And seeing how much we loved it, the owner (who seems oddly fascinated with the fact that we are two girls originating in two of England's bastard children countries, living in London) cut the price in half for us. We had to say yes. With our birthdays only a week apart, and upcoming, we decided to call it Our Birthday Gift to ourselves.

We bought art. And ghetto bikes. I'm an adult. And a little hipster biker chick.


K. said...

O rilly? When's her birthday? Sept 9? That's like a 1-2-3 punch.

K. said...

O wait, you told me. Same as mine. Derp!

The Redhead said...

Yes, same as yours. We have no big plans.... it sounds pathetic, but we don't really know enough people to have a party. So we'll just drink and go out to movies and treat ourselves to lots of yummy food and stuff for the week between birthdays.