28 August, 2009

The Beginning of a Little Artistic Venture

My flat mate and I have been discussing a number of projects we want to do together. They range from ridiculous business ventures (a butcher shop called "Please to Meat!") to the basic art student shit. You can probably guess which we feel is more realistic for us to pursue at this time...

She got a fantastic digital SLR camera for her birthday and we've been DYING to mess around with it. So today, we found time to choose an outfit and shoot in the park just as the sun was setting. But of course the light disappeared quickly and took the warmth of the day with it. Not ten minutes into our shoot the temperature dropped and the rain began. We got only three photos, which I will now post here to mark the beginning of an artistic collaboration between two idiot girls with a camera and some pretty dresses.

All photos are by the very talented Nivina Hameed.
(ps- not all the photos will be of me, we're just starting this way because we have to work with what we have.)

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