26 October, 2009

Another +1 Networking Point

Sometimes all it takes is the right question posed to the right person at the right moment for doors to fling open for you.

As I was leaving my local cafe today I ran into the owner in the midst of a conversation with two other arty looking men. I happen to know that the owner has a background in furniture design and woodworking. Since I've been reading up on materials I might use to make heels for my prototype shoes I asked him if he had a moment for me to pick his brain about using wood for heels. He said he'd not only love to talk to me, but then introduced me to the man standing next to him. Turns out I interrupted a chat between woodworking designers. They were kind enough to give me an overview of what sorts of wood I could use, and the sorts of tools I would need. Then, this designer I just met offered to help me knock together some prototype heels if I brought him sketches and specs.

Just like that!

Looks like I'm growing a group of designers and teachers and mentors to help me as I start off on this shoe design thing. And it seems to be going pretty well.


A Writer said...

How often does an attractive young female come up with ideas for shoes? In our area, not many. The idea behind what you propose is just fresh and exciting. You also have the willingness, time and skill to make it happen.

I'm really happy for you. You are a fun friend to follow dear.

Danielle said...

Wow, nice! Everything's really coming together! Can't wait to see the end results!

Keep rocking the art world, missy!