09 November, 2009

Living It Up

Until two weeks ago I was one of those lame 20somethings that wasn't living up their youth. I almost always stayed in and opted out of social events or parties, making up excuses and finding reasons I couldn't go.

All of a sudden my biological social clock switched on and I've had to buy a little calendar just to keep track of all the events I've agreed to attend with new friends. I've sort of fallen into two different groups of lovely people that are into art, style, nerd stuff, and latex clothing.

London doesn't feel like such a lonely place anymore.


A Writer said...

You're making yourself at home. Good girl. ;)

Kitty Moore said...

That's good news - nobody should be lonely (especially in London!)

mrlondon_ncb said...

London is such an easy place to feel alone in. Everyone else always seems to be so happy. It can be alienating. Good for you beating it! And Fettered Pleasures is such a lovely place to visit and make new friends ;-)

lipsticklori said...

I'm so glad that a handful of us managed to coax you out of your shell. There'll be no stopping you now :-)