18 November, 2008

I Hope Nostalgia Makes This All Seem Better

I really truly hope that a year from now, I will be able to look back on this quarter and sum up the horrible experience in a few sentences that sound nonchalant and wise. Maybe something like, "during my first quarter I failed every project. My ideas were laughed at by my tutors, and any teeny tiny shred of confidence I had in my ability to design and communicate visually was shattered. Wow, I sure learned a lot, darn skippy. Those were good times." And then I could nod sagely, pat a first quarter student on the head, and go back to work.

Yeah, I hope hindsight makes this all seem like a good ol' learning experience. Yup.

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James Courtney said...

It sounds like you are one schedule.

I wish I can say something that will make it all better. The first year I had in art school was pretty stressful and that was in San Francisco. I think you need to cut yourself some slack. You are still in transition. You are right. A year from now this won't mean shit. I have faith in you Rae.