06 December, 2008


I slept for twelve hours last night. Could have slept longer.

Now I'm sitting at my desk in spiderman underwear, sipping coffee that I haven't had time to make in the morning for days and eating waffles for breakfast. Ahhh, I have no homework today. This is amazing.

My day will be a lovely social one involving vintage hunting and hitting top shop with my friend who lives up the street. We will probably hit the gym after that, and then meet up with one of her friends (who I REALLY like) and I will dye her hair while we share a bottle of red, watch bad movies, and order in curry.

I like that I feel comfortable calling this girl my friend. She actually is. She is so very cool, and I will miss her when she flies home to Australia tomorrow. But I'm handling her model for the fashion show too, so we'll be in touch when we get our marks and all that.

I have a friend!

In fact, I think I might have more than one. I feel much better being able to refer to her as "my friend who lives up the street from me" instead of "my classmate who lives up the street from me". She told me the other day that she and her boyfriend were both talking about how glad they are that she met me because I am a good friend to her. I blushed when she told me, but I felt so happy that someone I consider a friend calls me one too. YAY!

I have been looking forward to today for weeks. I am free from homework and free to hang out with people I like without a homework centered agenda.


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