29 April, 2010

Focusing on the Good Stuff

It has been a difficult day for me. So instead of complaining I am going to write out a few good things that have happened recently:

I had an amazing massage today from a friend. She approaches massage from an osteopathic point of view, and I found her lifting, separating, and relaxing muscles in ways I have never felt before. I left the massage without the usual sluggish, sleepy feeling I get, and instead felt more awake, lighter, softer, and healthier. Wow.

I have been making a point of biking more. I am often out of breathe, but that's all the more reason to do it. I am determined to become more fit.

Although I did a shitty job on an internship project- despite spending eight hours on it- I did learn a lot about woodworking and construction. I also got to spend a great deal of time in the workshop alone with the various machines. Just me and the powertools, having a good ol' time.

I am enjoying my evening shoemaking class. I haven't written about it here yet because I've been too busy. And the shoes I'm making are UGLY, but I chose to try something new and challenge myself. More news on that soon.

Even though things have been really hard lately, and my body is reacting badly to the stress, I am pleased to say that I have suddenly discovered that I enjoy exercising. Pilates is my new addiction. I would do it every day if I could afford it. I love it so much I have motivated myself to exercise without the help of a workout partner for the first time in my life. I simply pre-buy the classes, and force myself to go as often as I can.  I think I'm able to follow through because working out is no longer just for vanity's sake, but for sanity's sake as well.

Along with my exercise plan, I have also begun eating better. I used to eat because I had nothing else to do. And I would go days without eating a fresh fruit or vegetable. Now I make sure I eat something fresh at every meal, protein of some kind every day, and drink tons of water. In the midst of all this readjustment to my body chemistry, I have noticed that I've stopped craving cakes and junk food. I can see a cupcake, think it looks delicious, and still pass on it without feeling like I'm depriving myself. That's a new one, I must say....

I have friends that look out for me. I have friends that have hugged me and calmed me down and talked me down from emotional ledges. I feel that my friends have saved my life many times over. I am lucky that I have found such cool people in so short a period of time.

Oh and lastly..... I don't have to be in to my internship until the afternoon tomorrow, so that means I can sleep in for the first time in almost two weeks. YEAY!

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Carrie said...

That is so awesome! I wish I had a bit more time to exercise, instead I killed my snacking. It's tough and sucks being hungry more often than not. Thank goodness for coffee. :)