21 April, 2010

Ok Cupid

Out of morbid curiosity I joined OK Cupid. I had an account from five years ago back when it was still a quiz site with the dating aspect thrown in for good measure. Anyhow, my boyfriend has met one or two interesting people on the site, and turns out a lot of my poly friends are on it too. So what the hell, I updated my profile and put up a picture to see what would happen.

Three days, 56 messages, and a lot of eye rolling later, I have learned quite a bit about the dating world. It's not a world I'm at all experienced in, and it's rife with brilliant idiots and shitty grammar.

In summary, what I have learned through being on a dating site is that people's social skills are severely underdeveloped. Mine included.

1 comment:

lipsticklori said...

We shall fend off the OKC idiots with our sheilds of pure awesome! (And by clicking on the delete button.)