01 May, 2010

Night of the Senses

I found myself as Kitty Stryker's +2 last night at the follow up Erotic Awards Ceremony where she was nominated and WON in the Innovation category. It was an interesting event, gave me lots of think about in terms of how I approach our next Kinky Salon event at the end of this month.

Anyhow, I don't have much else to say here except that I ran into many sexy people I knew, got lots of kisses and hugs, and left early like a rockstar. Oh yeah.

Oh, I wish I had a full length photo, but you can imagine- this skirt reached the floor and has a bustle in the back. I wore it with black fluevog shoes.


Anonymous said...


I've came across your blog today googling "fashion sketchbooks csm" (have been looking for sketchbooks made by CSM alumni, so I have something to look at when I'm working on mine - I hate doing sketchbooks and lately feel like I will never ever get them done the way They want it). I'm not a CSM student but it's my huge dream, I keep telling myself if not that year, the next. (I applied this year for the first time but it wasnt succesful) Anyways, it's a great fun reading your blog, huge sketchbook inspiration, thanks for that. Goodluck,

The Redhead said...

Hi M, you might want to read through a few more entries on here.... and possibly look elsewhere for sketchbook inspiration as I failed a lot of projects and then left CSM because I didn't think it warranted its reputation anymore.

Soooo, if you do want to go, I'd check out alumni that didn't hate the school and actually graduated.

Best of luck!