31 May, 2009


Current Project: Denim Design Project

Number of denim fabric dye/bleach/treatement etc samples: 15
Number of GOOD denim fabric samples: 4

Level of inspiration in regards to the project: -1

Some bleach tests, and my favorite sample so far: a print of a jeans pocket that I will then make pockets out of. Ceci n'est pas une poche.

This one isn't a sample so much as trying to recreate the color of the rusty 90 year old Levi overalls pictured as a comparison point to a more current look.

That's all for now. Nothing good to show you at the moment.

When I have a free moment I'll show you my Retrieval Project I handed in the other day. I actually liked parts of it.

1 comment:

Shadows said...

I like the rusty old Levi look.