07 July, 2009

Quick Thoughts

I am drunk and sleepy, but before I crawl into bed I just wanted to share two quick thoughts that popped into my head after a fabulous evening with Warren Ellis (who is fast becoming my favorite drinking partner) at the BLDGBLOG book launch.

Today I realized that as a so-called fashion designer I am faced with the same questions that designers in other disciplines are. I simply respond through a different medium, a softer medium. Although "fashion" in its typical form is something even *I* look down on, I think it can be useful in that discourse. Perhaps it can be one part of discovering unique answers to the questions posed by our ever developing future-thinking culture.



Shadows said...

The book looks to be a smorgasboard (sp) of thoughts, pictures and overall fun. Sounds delightful. Glad you had fun.

As for media, every art has a spectrum, from the Horrid to the Typical to the Extraordinary. You'll find your place.

The Redhead said...

You should pick up a copy of the book. It is really inspiring and incredibly packed full of amazing information and beautiful photos.