01 January, 2010

A Bit of Bragging

A few funny things about my life:

I've had three Christmases. One on the 25th with my aunt and uncle and cousins and extended family in Cambridge. On boxing day I ended up having dinner with Terry Bedford, who shot Monty Python and the Holy Grail. We all talked about vintage comics, shoe design, film, and the future of advertising. Terry and his wife are absolutely lovely people with amazing taste in art.

The second Christmas was on the 30th with my mom and her boyfriend and it was chill and filled with cookies. The third Christmas was on the 1st with my boyfriend and his daughter, and was filled with Legos and silliness.

Three Christmases! I must be making up for all those years I didn't celebrate at all.

Our new years eve plans involved going to a party with a space theme. The Boy and I had to come up with costumes other than my silver space girl outfit. So, I did a quick google images search for "space girl" and guess what showed up on page one?

It seems that photo I took with James Courtney has made the rounds. I've been approached by many people who want to buy prints, and been recognized as the silver space girl on more than one occasion. Of course this is all well and good, but I was a bit put out because yaknow, I already own that outfit and I was looking for NEW inspiration. ;) (Oh and if enough of you go bug James about that photo, he will start selling prints or postcards at Wicked Grounds.... so go bug him!)

And speaking of Wicked Grounds, it seems a that post cards featuring this photo (also by James Courtney) have been on the shelf and selling out:

If you want a photo of the naked American Redhead then go buy some before they all sell out.

And now I must crawl into bed and attempt to ward off this plague I brought with me to the new world. *cough *hack *death


Carrie said...

You are supremely gorgeous. :)

The Redhead said...

eep! *blush
thank you
*blush :)

K. said...

I nom you.