12 March, 2010

Costumes and Debauchery Await

There is much to tell, but I must to bed. Tomorrow is a big event I've been helping organize. And by "helping organize" I mean stressing out, being lame, running around like mad, pretending to be useful, and then doing things last minute.

What is this event, you ask? Kinky Salon London, a unique party that began in San Francisco has arrived in London through the hard work of a group of volunteers (including me)! Our first event is tomorrow night and I am one of the hosts as well as "head of decor" (see above for details on how I "organized" that). What is KSLondon? Read the website if you'd like. It's all good debaucherous fun!

My original idea was to make myself a Twister costume for our themed ToyBox party. But when that fell through I came up with something very quickly using only what I had in my closet. My new costume involves gold metal hands, cardboard, paint, plastic shoes, toilet paper roll, a bowtie, clockwork gears, and a strap-on harness. Yet it is completely innocent. Well, mostly.

Intrigued? Photos will be taken and I will share later.

Wish us luck! Tomorrow we have a lot of decorating and setting up to do.

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K. said...

Good luck tonight! Can't wait for the report/ evidence.