27 March, 2010

The Dream of PanPan

Last night I had a dream about a giant snub-nosed monster named PanPan. PanPan roamed the countryside eating top-of-the-class art students. When not eating students he ate dim sum pastries, and turned people into scary but harmless zombies that required poking with a sharp stick twice to unzombify. 

It was also a musical, starring Julie Andrews. 

PanPan could smell the scent of spray mount from miles away, and so Julie Andrews bravely sprayed a trail away from the students and into the woods. The spray mount trail led to a box of dynamite, packed within the corpses of  drowned students. (There was a touching musical number here involving the singing, walking corpses being led to their explosive second death by Julie Andrews who all the while sang about how their sacrifice would save future generations of aspiring artists and designers.)

In the end Julie Andrews (in a white and black frilly dress) and her chorus of the drowned saved the day, and PanPan, though not blown up, was too scared to terrorize art students again.  


Alienist said...

Nice, I had a 'weird creature in countryside' dream yesterday... well rabbit, but it became a weird creature when the logical part of my brain kicked in and questioned the wisdom of letting a pet roam... But it got lost anyway.

Carrie said...

Wow, I feel weird for having funny zombie dreams. XD