10 January, 2009

Beshtest Buddiesh

My best friend lives in San Francisco. When I moved to London she and I weren't able to speak for three months- Skype wasn't working on her computer, and my long distance SIM card didn't work in my phone. It was torture! She has always been my go-to girl for every type of advice. Despite being many years apart in age, she and I clicked right away and often seem to go through very similar life changes at the same time.

Not being able to have her around during my first three months in London was awful. But when I went back to SF over the vacation, I fixed her computer problem! We just spoke for an hour on Skype and I feel so much better. I was so down this evening. So stressed...

My friend is a brilliant set designer, and she and I work very well together in a professional capacity as well as being very close friends. We also brainstorm really well together, and I have always called upon her when I am so involved in a project that I can no longer really see it. And tonight, true to form, she pulled out some good advice that helped me see how all my incoherent floating thoughts really could be pulled together into a working design idea.

Friends like her are few and far between. I am a lucky girl to have someone so cool in my life.

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