28 January, 2009

Positive Again

I've had a decent day as far as my self confidence is concerned. Over lunch some of my more talented classmates told me that they have seen my work improving a lot since the start of the school year. They said that I have been working very hard and that they think the tutors see it. A friend of mine also said that I am very good at finding inspiration through images. She loves my new project idea. That was good to hear.

I also helped a lot of my classmates with their pattern drafting today, and although I feel like a hack sometimes, it is always fun to work with others and discuss design as though it were a puzzle to solve. It is a boost to my ego when people come to me instead of the teacher sometimes... is that wrong?

I have several classmates that I can genuinely call friends now. It's nice to feel liked and appreciated in class.

I began working with watercolor paints this evening for a project of mine, and I'm finding that I LOVE to paint. It is calming to my soul, to my meat and bones. Seriously, it is meditation for me. I want to learn to work in oils sometime because I would love to work on a painting for days, weeks....

I began working on my second project this evening, and I'm trying a new approach to my research. I am hoping it goes over well when I meet with my tutor on Friday. I think he is finally seeing that I am working very hard to improve, and that seems to make him all sorts of happy and helpful.

Tomorrow I will one again wake up before the sun rises, head to school and work until my brain shuts off. Then refuel on coffee and food, switch gears to work on my second project, meet a friend for a drink, and then work some more.

And my weekend only gets crazier from there. I can't wait to sleep...

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AWT said...

Hey. I found your blog and thought you needed a comment to break things up.

I found it because of the "cryptozoology" tag under your interests. I put that as one of mine, too. Although it's not as high on my list, as, say "hiking," cryptoz is more unusual so I just wanted to take a look and see who else was using it. Don't have a blog of my own yet. Maybe start one when/if I get bored this summer.

Well take care and I hope that London's treating you well.