22 January, 2009


Today: another awful meeting with a tutor.

My work was laughed at, insulted, and then she ripped the picture off the cover because she didn't like it.

I didn't take it personally this time. Instead I sat through it all trying to get some nuggets of helpful information from the new tutor. I asked follow up questions about what she wanted and tried to guide the conversation towards things that would give me some helpful direction. But no. I got one or two interesting thoughts from her, and other than that... well, I'm as lost as ever. Moreso, even. When I asked her if I should think about things one way or another way, she said "both". When I asked if the best way too approach a problem was to things one thing or the other, she'd tell me to do it my own way.

I am SO frustrated. I am failing, here. I'm trying to get help, some direction, some assistance.....and no one is helping me at all. I have no idea what I should do now.

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