25 March, 2009

A Good Day

I hadn't realized how much the stress of school was wearing on me until I began to feel it lessen. Today was the first time I felt like myself in months.

San Francisco was warm and sunny. I met with friends for waffles and eggs, and wandered in sunny Hayes valley.

I spent hours hanging out at Isotope Comics (the coolest comic book lounge EVER), stopped by Miette and Blue Bottle Coffee to get tasty treats...

... and stopped in Dark Garden corsetry and happened across the most beautiful corset that fit me like a dream (which I couldn't come home with sadly)....

....and generally spend the afternoon socializing, and sitting in the sun eating chocolates.

I chatted with everyone at every store. I made friends, met a gay porn star, and talked to fabulous people of every type. I was in my element. It wasn't until I realized how much better I felt that I realized how stressed I had been. I'm so happy to be back to my social, friendly self.

This trip back to SF was a good idea. Ahhh :)

1 comment:

Cybrid said...

Just one thing... Holly shit!!, may I start begging you to whipe me? ;). Nah, now out of jokes you look great, the ribbons on the straps make for a cute detail among the "hardness" of the corset, I'm not sure it'll be comfortable, though.

Also I'm happy to hear you're relaxing a bit, pressure and strain don't make good companions for a creative mind :) .