06 March, 2009

Three Projects Down, One to go....

Photos of the hair project will be forthcoming. We have to organize our model and I need to repair a few things on my piece. It was a depressing FAIL in my mind because it didn't come together the way I wanted. But my partner and I got on well, want to work together again, and we both felt that our overall concept was strong, so I am cautiously optimistic about our marks... (they seem to be taking longer and longer to get them back to us these days.)

No word still on the grades for our Congratulations-You-Failed project. Very nervous about that one.

I'm currently working on my fourth project this term- an accessory. I've decided to keep the design of this piece very simple so I can focus on experimenting with print techniques. I designed and made my screen today and I will start experimenting with various dying/printing/chemical treatments like devore, discharge, flocking, and good ol' screen printing.

The picture below is part of one of the three prints I am going to use on the project. All the black feathery bits will be burned out and transparent, while the white will be solid. Underneath this print will be another smaller geometric print full of color and texture that will be visible through the burned out black sections.

The wing is about 55cm long, and it will be repeated on the fabric a few times. Let's hope this time I plan my time better, work harder, and choose a more realistic end goal so I can actually complete this project with a feeling akin to mild accomplishment.

I can't wait for break.

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Penny said...

Wow! That is so cool. What a neat project.