14 June, 2009

Last Two Weeks

Our new project is about the future, and my new sketchbook is looking really different. Really good. I hope I can do something fabulous with it.

No word on grades of any kind from school.

And as soon as I get my portfolio back, I will take some picture for you. Looking back over my work as I created the portfolio I realize that although I am not up to the standard I would like to be, my work has improved in so many ways. Everything has changed since my first project. The way I draw has changed. The way I think has changed. The type of research I do has changed and my ability to research and expand an idea has dramatically improved.

Although my grades do not show it, I can see that I have become a stronger designer in this last year.

There is a very good chance this will be my last project at Central St Martins, so I want to go out with a bang. I cannot wait to get into this new project and work my ass off these next two weeks.

This project is different- this project I'm doing for me.

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