28 June, 2009

The Next Year

So let's just say that I decide to take a break from fashion design, and give myself a year to sort things out. I've been giving it some thought lately, and I've decided to start compiling a list of things which, if money was not an issue (though in reality of course it is), I would like to spend the next year doing.

First and foremost I want to TRAVEL. That is the one thing that never fails to come up in conversation with friends or family lately. I have an unbearable urge to run away and I think I should indulge it. I want to see the world, change my context, put myself in new situations and see if I can't narrow down a little of what I want out of life.

And while I am traveling I want to write. This blog is no example of eloquent literary scrawlings, but I CAN in fact write when I put my mind to it. I love writing. I love taking in the world and spitting it back out in a new way. But what would I write about? I am not well-traveled and so I cannot comment on traveling itself. I could write about fashion, but there are so many fashion blogs and fashion writers out there that it's almost moot to mention fashion at all these days. So what in the world would I write about? I am not going to write the next Eat Pray Love, although I would love to.... hm, I would love to.

Now traveling is great and all, but it is not cheap. The biggest hurdle with that is figuring out how to fund my exploring. Hmmmmm.

Second, I would like to start a design line. Nothing huge. Something small and very, very Me. I want to find my work being talked about on those design blogs that I read. I want to have small orders from little boutiques. I just want to love what I do and make beautiful things. In order to do this I need a studio space. Some time to myself. And a seamstress. I HATE sewing. And honestly I am not very good at it. I can design and cut patterns until I am blue in the face, but I need to hire a seamstress to see the work through. Laugh if you will, but I know my limits.

So, how do I find and fund a small studio space and a sample maker?

Third, photography. I want to invest in a good beginner-level digital SLR camera and start really indulging in my photography. I've found a real love for it over the last few months and want to develop a style. I think it would be useful in many many ways later in life.

And lastly, shoes. I am taking a footwear intensive next month and that will be my first taste of making shoes. I have a feeling that I will like it. A lot. In all modesty I would be AMAZING at shoe design. Shoes are the one thing I obsess about and have strong opinions about. If I know nothing else, I KNOW shoes. I would be the next Fluevog... only sexier. I want to start my own line of shoes and sell them.

And frankly, I know NOTHING about how to start that, so I won't even speculate about the steps involved.

So. How do I make these things happen?


Anonymous said...

You just do it.

So, here is today's first listing in my new series of "people you probably never heard of who changed the world."

Charles Arthur Russell, Jr.

Okay, so he died of AIDS, but that isn't the point. Arthur Russell was born in Iowa and just wouldn't stop listening: to everything. He listened to the echoes, he listened to the ocean, he listened to the Rolling Stones, to Muddy Waters, to the beginnings of disco, to the chanting of Buddhist Monks, to his colleagues at the Ali Akbar Kahn school of music, to the street sounds of New York. He listened and listened. And wrote music and drove people nuts. Then he died at (I think) the age of 40. You probably never heard of him, but these people have, because he influenced them or worked with them:

The Talking Heads and David Byrne
The Modern Lovers
Laurie Anderson
Phillip Glass
Allen Ginsberg
Bootsy Collins
James Brown...and a bunch of other musicians.

He recorded under the name of:
Dinosaur, Indian Ocean, Killer Whale, Dinosaur L...and Arthur Russell.

Go look and look and look and look and sew badly and travel and play a guitar, and some drums, too, and get some shoes and a camera and draw and write and write and write and write and make some god damned noise.

Shadows said...

I couldn't say it better. Well done.