25 June, 2009


My latest project looks like what would have happened if Mondrian spit out some latex fashion instead of paint.

By the way, this is many layers on top of each other. It's not quite this busy, actually.


Shadows said...

Oh wow!!!! It's gorgeous. Yes, just like Mondrian's art. I swear I thought I was following your blog. Grr. Cheers doll.


The Redhead said...

Thanks love :)
I do follow yours, btw. Go team stalker!

Penny said...

Holy shit woman! That is so fucking cool! You could never pay me enough to glue down all those little squares. Thank god for minions! I can't wait to see the finished dress!!!

The Redhead said...

Hee! And to think I am paying for the privilege of gluing all these damn squares together for hours and hours. *grumble grumble*

I'm terrified of cutting it down to the exact pattern. I'm sure I'm going to ruin it somehow, heh.