30 September, 2008

Enrolled (and stuff)

I enrolled today. Which is apparently not the same thing is registering for classes. In fact, no classes were involved. I simply handed them a few sheets of paper and they said, "ok, you're enrolled, now scram!"

I had to ask around a couple of times, but it seems I am supposed to show up again next Monday to find out what my classes are. Which means I don't start classes until Tuesday at the earliest. It also means I really need to get my ass in gear and work on this summer homework assignment they gave us.

I'm having a tough time sketching in my room. But then I've always found that my bedroom is a void of productivity. One of the major downsides to this dorm is that there is no common room to hang out besides the kitchen, and the kitchen isn't the greatest place to do anything, much less be creative. And just to worsen the artistic black hole that is my bedroom, I've also found that the eight hour difference between all my friends and I makes my evenings my only time to catch up with people. Thus making it very hard for me to pull away from Skype to go draw sometimes. But perhaps I'm just making excuses for being lazy...

Anyhow, the highlight of my day was reading in a warm cafe while it rained and blustered outside. Curled up in a worn brown leather armchair I cracked the cover of Tropic of Cancer while I sipped scalding hot coffee. It was perfect.

Around 11pm this evening I messaged my room mate, "I want a cookie so badly it's ridiculous." She replied, "want to go on a walk with a mission?" So we headed out into the evening in search of late night sweets and returned home with two large bottles of cider and a delicious in-no-way-a-compromise cookie dough ice cream. Now, sugar high and slightly tipsy, I suppose I should settle in, shut off the computer, and get my homework done.

G'nite intarweb.

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