14 September, 2008

Five and Four

This was an excellent weekend.

For starters, I had The Boy to myself all weekend long (this doesn't happen often, by the way). Saturday's highlights include the purchasing of FANTABULOUS new boots, followed by a cozy nap, which preceded a small goodbye party for me at which I got incredibly drunk. You know I'm drunk when I start saying, "I'm SO drunk" a lot. I'm pretty direct about it, you never have to wonder. And in case you were wondering, I'm a very friendly drunk. VERY friendly.

The Boy got me home safe and sound, and when I drunkenly mentioned that I was starved, he made me pot stickers. Awwwwww! NOM. *zzzzz

Sunday began with sleeping in and lounging, and tasty brunch outside in the sun in Hayes Valley. We headed over to a slick travel store called Flight 001 to grab a few things I needed for my trip, and then hung out at Isotope (the coolest comic store you will ever go to) to say goodbye to our friends that own the store. We then lounged in the sun eating fancy ice cream in Dolores Park with some friends of ours.... the kind of friends that bring an acoustic guitar along in the interest of some half-ironic singing in the park.

The sun was lovely, but we had to cut our park time short because we had been given dual massages as a birthday gift! Yeay! I've never been to a real day spa before, and so it was quite a treat. I am still spacey from the massage. *sigh

Then, post-massage we had nummy foods and finally got to go see Tropic Thunder!

Now, at home. Tired. Feel oily from massage. Hungry for chocolate.

It was a good weekend.

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