24 February, 2009

Fashion Week

I found myself at the Josh Goot show this morning dressed in a fur and high heels. Yes, this lowly little student was lucky enough to attend a small part of London Fashion Week. And it was amazing.

Watching the attendees enter in their designer footwear would have been enough to make any girl swoon. People everywhere with lights, cameras, amazing clothes... being around the energy and style of fashion week was inspiring, even if I was only there for an hour. It just felt right to me. It felt a little out of my grasp, a little too fabulous for me. But I also felt like I was supposed to be there- it felt somehow natural.

Goot's collection was minimal but beautiful. I loved his asymmetrical color blocking and choice of black and nude as his main colors. His prints were colorful, and the fabric moved like liquid over the body. The wasitlines were a little high for my taste on many of his skirt/shirt combos, but his trousers, suits, and dresses were lovely. From where I was standing I could really get a good look at the construction of the garments, and the fabric treatments he used. That was the most fascinating thing, speaking as a fashion student.

He came out and waved to the audience rather sheepishly after the models' last walk, and on his way back, scanned the small crowd and smiled. I think he was pleased. I didn't know Goot's work before today, but he has made a fan out of me (even if it is a skinny girl collection).

So, I have to say that I had what could quite literally be called a FABULOUS MORNING. And on an egotistical note, I feel I must mention that to my surprise I was photographed quite lot this morning. First by a few small London based publications, and then by Vogue. So pick up the London Paper tomorrow morning, and check vogue.co.uk and you might see a certain American girl in London.

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