06 February, 2009

I Might Be a Zombie, But At Least I'm Not at the Bottom Anymore

I am exhausted.

Short of a 1.5 hour rest around 6am this morning, I have been up for over 36 hours now. Why? Because today we presented our Shirt Projects, and I, intelligently, chose to do something complicated.

Last night I slept 1.5 hours. The night before, 3 hours. The night before, 5 hours. And never more than 6 hours any night the week previous. I am tired. Tired. Exhausted. Drained. Overworked. Beat. Bleary. Spent. Zombified.

However I am going to say that I can safely assume I did not fail this project. I have been working so hard- I can't even explain to you what my days have been like. I used to work pretty hard on my homework at my last school, but in these last two weeks I have changed what my definition of "hard work" is. I have never been this busy before, and I have never accomplished so much in such a short time.

Based on the class response (and tutor response during the critique today) I have jumped from the worst student in class to designing one of the more interesting shirts turned in this project. I am very proud of myself just now. I blushed a lot in class because everyone wanted to try on my design. But I was so flattered and pleased. Not only did I help five or six other students with their pattern drafting and sewing, I finished my shirt, my illustrations, my research and sketchbook, and made packaging that the shirt would be sold in, if it were in a shop.

The assignment was to design as though you worked for a specific designer, and I chose to give Vivienne Westwood a go. I mixed prints for the first time in my life on this shirt. My shirt is both very Westwood-y, and very... well, I was going to say "it is very Me", but that's not entirely true. I stretched myself and tried something very different this time around. I will post some real photos soon, but for now, I've just posted a close up of my double collar.

I am so tired I must lay down. I can barely stand. The other day, I fell asleep standing in the shower. So sad. Now I'm going to eat crap food and watch crap movies and then sleep all night and all morning. It will be amazing.


Mackey said...

I love the mix of patterns, and the collar :] I would probably love more, but that is all I can see - haha.

The Redhead said...

Thank you Mackey :)

I have a few photos of the finished top but it looks kinda messy for some reason. But I'll post a few later today anyhow.