07 February, 2009

There is an I inTeam

There is a group of four or five of us that I think would make a very interesting design team someday.

Two of us are very artsy and innovative. Two of us are very organized. Two are very experimental in their design, and two prefer a style that is very structured and clean (I am the one that can kinda go in back and forth). Two have marketable styles, three have no interest in making it big. We all design very differently, but our designs compliment each others in unexpected ways. We all seem to boost one another when we work. We tend to work in the same room and call upon one another when we get stuck, or can't decide what to do.

We have a number of group projects coming up, and all of us have talked about collaborating at some point. I plan to work as a team when I become a real designer because I work best when I am able to bounce ideas around with someone and work through a design with another person. I wonder if I will find that person at CSM...


Penny said...

I miss that person (ie you, duh). We had a lot of fun and I feel like we could have collaborated on some awesomeness if we'd had more time. Someday when you're all famous 'n stuff maybe you'll fly me to Londo for a show. :)

Hope you find a good partner!

The Redhead said...

I would LOVE to work with you again, Penny. Any time. I would love to contribute and assist in any way I can. I love your work, you know that. And, I loved working with you. You are kick ass, lady!