08 February, 2010



 A small feat you accomplish today could evolve into a much bigger achievement down the road. You may have  felt recently that you can't tackle the big stuff because the little stuff keeps getting in the way, but actually you are covering a lot of ground just doing what you're doing now. You sometimes tend to feel as though you have to make big, sweeping changes in order to show progress. But progress is any forward movement. If you stop focusing on how many inches forward you moved, you will soon look back and realize just how far you've come.

That is more than a little important for me to remember these days. I am having lots of really panicky moments, feeling I am making no progress with my life/design and wasting what time I have left in London. I have to remind myself that things are moving along, just in tiny baby steps.

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Adam Fish said...

So weird...I'm a virgo as well and this chimes with a lot of what I'm dealing with at the moment. Bizarre!