21 February, 2010

Body of Work

An artist I've recently become acquainted with has asked to see my work. I get this question a lot when I say that I am a designer, but it's a question I dread answering. I don't think that any of my design reflects my artistic sensibilities yet. In my meager body of work there are many failed experiments in "pushing myself" and "trying new things", but surprisingly little work that actually shows the sort of thing I really want to do.

I have posted a number of entries about various design projects I've done, and I don't think the collection of work, much less any single project reflects my aesthetics all that well. However, maybe you all see something I don't... So here I am going to collect my "Body of Work" via all the blog entries that contain photos of what I have spent the last few years doing:

I Need an Internship with a Shoe Designer
Ignore the text, and take a look at the photos at the bottom.

Visual Overview
Some repeat from the entry above, but some other photos as well

Making Shoes
Making some shoes!

The Spaces In Between
A photo heavy journal entry about a project I did at Saint Martins.

Thinking In Fabric
I did a lot of draping to get ideas for projects

 Some Old Work
A collection of crap I did in art school and fashion school before CSM

A Little Artistic Venture
A few photos my flatmate and I took when we both had time and wanted to start up a photography blog. Yes, I mostly just modeled, but I had a lot of input and put a lot of work into the final product as well.

Last Two Weeks
Again, the text is useless, but I loved this retro-future I created in my sketchbook. This page on propaganda and conservative politics felt so cinematic to me....

Hair Fabric
The text is useless, but I loved making this plastic hair creepy fabric, even though we ended up not being able to use it.

That's all for now, folks.

1 comment:

Veronika von Volkova said...

My favourite of these are the shoes you designed. Those are wonderful!

I'm also kind of fascinated by the hair fabric. The lines have a sort of not-quite regularity to them that makes me thing of organic circuit boards or something.

I'm trying to think of something useful to say about a cohesive idea running through it, since that is what you seem to be looking for.

How about this:

The collection of things in the "I need an internship"post have a high proportion of not so common material. Latex, ass print material, carefully shredded almost lace-like felt, little tiny latex puzzle-reminiscent pieces.

Add to that your hair fabric.
Also this thing I can't find an image of right now, but I remember a (possibly latex) material combination that was reminiscent of muscle tendon.

So unusual fabric, with a variety of inspiration points but certainly seeming to include body/flesh/anatomy.

Or perhaps not. That's just what I see as a possible thread.