12 February, 2010


Well, maybe. I'm not entirely sure when or how it happened. But it seems that a few days ago my debit and credit cards were removed from my wallet while I was at the cinema with some friends. I realized my debit card was gone a few hours later and rushed back, but no one had seen it. It took me a few days to notice the credit card was missing- in fact I use it so rarely I only noticed when they called to ask about suspicious activity. Seems the card was used at that very cinema a few hours after I had left.

When we were there buying tickets, perhaps I turned away for a moment with my wallet open or something...? There was almost no one in the lobby, or in the theatre.... so I have no idea how anyone could have taken the cards....

Anyhow, it's all been sorted out now. Just wanted to share the excitement of being stolen from!

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