15 February, 2010

Mini-Internship, No-Go. Real Internship, GO!

It is disappointing, but due to some problems with the footage, it looks like the film we were working on isn't going to be complete in time for London Fashion Week. The designer called me today and I could hear how depressed he was, even though he was trying to be positive about it- "I'd rather release my line later and be proud of the product than release something shitty and start off on the wrong foot," he said. I agree with him, but I'm very sorry he won't be putting his work out there this season.

But it looks like my eagerness to work with him has paid off in the long run. After he explained the film situation, he followed up by asking if I would come back to work with him on making and designing actual shoes in a few weeks! Looks like we'll be working on mould-making for unique heel shapes, production techniques, actual making/sewing/etc, pattern cutting.....  His work is amazing, so I know I will learn a lot!

It seems that I have gone from a mini-internship to a proper internship in a matter of days. I'm thrilled!

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lipsticklori said...

That's fantastic news! I'm so pleased for you :-)