10 October, 2008


Someone below outside is whistling "oh my darling clementine" as I type this. I think it might be one of the construction workers. I'm waiting for my room mate so we can go run some fun errands together on this lovely sunny day. I am wearing my new old-man cardigan that makes me want to paint, or discuss literature in smoke-filled bars. I love this sweater.

I had to go into uni for a lecture this morning. A lecture that was really just a 15 minute run-through of a few key points of the course as told to us by the dean. He said nothing terribly interesting, but he did start by congratulating us on getting into one of the most competitive and highly regarded fashion programs in the world. And for some reason that perked me up.

I talked to one of my fellow students after the "lecture" about feeling like I have a lot of catch up to do. She seemed to be a really intelligent woman when I met her a few days ago, and she worked for one of my fashion idols last year, so I really wanted to pick her brain about CSM. She gave me some good perspective on ways to approach education here, and I left feeling a lot more optimistic about my future here in school. I think I'm going to ask her to coffee so I can get to know her a little better. She seems like she's my contemporary (a little older than most of the students) and has lived an interesting life all over the world. She seems like a potential friend, and I really need to find some of those.

So I guess I'm feeling better about things today than I did yesterday. And now, off to run errands...

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