20 October, 2008


Two friends of mine will be visiting next week. One of them is trying to apply to the program I'm in at St. Martins, and they are looking to move to London. Although most of their time will be spent apartment hunting, I intend to take them out to dinner, a museum or two, and I'm going to speak with my tutors and see if I can have my friend shadow me one day in class. My friend was thrilled at the idea- he really wants to get into CSM and after hearing me talk about how different it is from other schools, he wants to see it for himself.

It will be nice to see a familiar face and get to share a little of my new city with two people who have never been here.

And the day after they leave, my boyfriend shows up for a week of fun, frolic, and other words that begin with "F".

Yeay for visiting!

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