04 October, 2008

I Miss Him

As I watched my boyfriend on webcam choose a Tshirt to wear today, I was struck by how much I miss the little things about being with him. I miss the routine of our mornings, especially the ones where he dragged me out of bed before I convinced him to snuggle for "just 5 more minutes....zzzz". I miss how he always grabbed me around the waist when I was putting my makeup on in the mirror. Or just being around him while he put on socks and boots and packed up his laptop to go to work.

I miss making breakfast with him (on mornings that my "5 more minutes" hadn't made us too late to eat). And I miss our regular Sunday brunches. I miss how he used to wake me up on Sunday mornings when he came over to my place by climbing into bed for a few minutes, and how he'd often pass out while spooning me and sleep long after I'd gotten up to shower and dress.

I miss his appreciative looks whenever I was dressed in something cute, and how he was the best clothing shopping partner ever. (I hate shopping for myself, but he was SO good at finding things that look great on me. And in turn, I was great at shopping for him.) I miss the starved-child-looking-at-a-sumptuous-meal stare I got from him whenever I wandered around in my underwear trying to decide what to wear. I always made fun of it, but I really do miss feeling like someone appreciates me as a whole package, even after many years. And he knows me too well, really. He's seen me at my worst. Many times. And he still likes me... I miss that.

I miss our particular brand of awful humor. (I guess I should say humour now, hm?) I miss our excellent taste in food. I miss how he always wanted me to watch movies that were possibly too scary for me. Most of the time they weren't, but I was always sure they would be.

I just miss him. It makes me want to move home I miss him so much sometimes.

It's Saturday night and I am home working on this summer homework project. Tomorrow is Sunday and I didn't even notice until just now. Sunday used to be my favorite day of the week because it was the day I got to see my boy all day long with no interruptions. But now Sunday means nothing to me, really. I wish I had something to look forward to tomorrow.... I wish he would come over and crawl into bed next to me for an hour before we would go out in search of waffles and bacon and mimosas....


K. said...


K. said...

I am missing you too. There's a big (5'11") Rachael-sized hole in my day-to-day. I miss you, face down in bed in the morning, upper back bare, curve of your breast visible, mumbling for five more minutes. I miss your blinking eyes above the towel when you step out of the shower. I miss the way your underwear fit. Oh yes I do. I miss your cute noises, your eeks, and the lovely tone of your voice (so familiar, so smooth and perfect to me). I miss the feeling of the nape of your neck against the top of my nose. I miss how well you put yourself together each day, late breakfasts, your wide sheepish smile as you apologize for making me late when I don't care at all since I got to be late with you. I miss you next to me, across from me, under me, above me, around me.

But boy oh boy am I looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!