08 October, 2008

I Am Not One of You, Even Though I Am

Being an American in a foreign country seems to attract two types of people. One is the kind of person that is just as excited to meet new people from other parts of the world as I am. The other kind I seem to attract is other Americans.

I have heard that Americans are seen as this cliquish group that doesn't socialize well, and now I see why. I have been making a point of talking with people from all over the world- I mean, if you're not eager, or at least willing to do that, why come all the way here? What is up with the "you're American? I'm American, let's be best friends!" attitude?

I think that some people assume that because I dye my hair a certain way, I am a certain kind of person. But I am not that girl. I dress in a lot of weird ways and dye my hair red (and black, and blonde, and brown, and burgandy, and....). I listen to everything from Billie Holiday to Gary Numan to SiSe to The Beatles, and generally lean towards the indie kid scene more than anything else.

I might be an American in London, but I am not looking to meet Americans while I'm here. I can do that in America, thanks.


Lyle Jantzi III said...

It's the comfort of the familiar. Foreigners in America tend to clump together as well, more times than not. Not that this excuses her rude actions and assumptions, but reaching out to what she perceives as the familiar is natural. I'd hazard a guess you're going to come across more clingy Americans during your stay across the pond.

The Redhead said...

Hm, I suppose you are right. Maybe I'm being too hard on them. I still refuse to buddy up to that creepy girl though... ;)