03 October, 2008

Dorm Progression, week 2

Ok it hasn't been exactly two weeks yet, but I had a moment of artsy craftsy clever-ness and wanted to share the cuteness that is now my window covering:

"But wait," you say, "you are not allowed to put up curtains or hang anything on walls!" You would of course be right, and this is where my arsty craftsy-ness came into play. As I was drifting off to sleep last night I had an idea about how to hang some fabric over my window. I happened to find that red scarf at a vintage shop today and the whole thing came together a few minutes ago. (I also found the awesome/hideous/fabulous scarf that is hanging over my chair at the same store.)

I pulled some thick elastic very tightly across the wooden frame of the window and put a snap into the two ends to keep it in a nice tight loop, thus giving me a way to hang some fabric over the elastic band. I can also tie the scarf up in the middle with some ribbon I happen to have, giving it a nice draped look that lets more light through.

And now I'm sitting at my desk enjoying the warm toned light coming through the scarf while I refine some of the sketches I did in my new favorite local coffee shop.

Go me!


K. said...

Love it! It's coming together, bit by bit :-)

K. said...

Also, I like the feel of your street (from the photo sent).

The Redhead said...

It will get better once I get a few more basics in here.

K. said...

'tis a shame you can't get some o rings installed. 8-|