03 October, 2008


So my dorm flat feels very much like a hospital. It is not a happy or welcoming place. This is our hallway:

We have all lamented the fact that the only hang out space we have is our pathetic little kitchen in the middle of the flat.

This evening (perhaps fueled by entirely too much wine with dinner) I had a thought as I walked to my room. See that green fire exit sign in the photo above? It points to a door that opens to a hallway to a fire escape. I pass that door every day and never before noted the fact that there is a little room off of the hallway.


Yes, we would get into all sorts of trouble if anyone found out. But it could be full of a shag rug and a coupla bean bags and, like, a lava lamp, dude. I mean, come on, it wouldn't even be in the way of the hallway to the fire exit, so it's not dangerous...

However, that green key-like thingamy on the door is potentially problematic as none of us know if it will set off the fire alarm. But being the bad person I am, I might find myself consulting the flat mates before trying it just to see what happens.

Or maybe I shouldn't drink so much.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like it's a fire door, which is supposed to be used in case you can't escape the building... I say give it a try! The worst that will happen is an alert is sent to the front desk or some buzzer goes off. The best case scenario is a lounge for you all!

(Internal fire doors do not alert the fire department... can you imagine the number of false alarms that would happen just from someone accidentally opening a door? It's usually a smoke detector or manually pulled alarm that will make the sirens go WHOOOP WHOOOP and the heroes show up).