01 October, 2008

The Mundane, and Something Exciting

Now that some of the adrenaline fueled excitement of the move has worn off I am faced with the realities of day to day living in a new city. It's amazing how much mental work is involved in setting up life from scratch.

I never realized how much I relied upon my friends with cars, and the occasional taxi until now. San Francisco is a small enough city that I could trust that a $15-20 cab ride could get me from one side of the city to the other. But London is anything but small- 7x7 this aint. Today I am faced with questions like "how do I get from one place to another when I have to carry a very heavy, awkward box all the way across the city?" for example.

I spent last night drawing and trying to get some ideas for my summer homework assignment. In case I haven't mentioned this before, I am sketching a mini collection based upon my most potent summer experience- having my wisdom teeth pulled while I was awake. I have some interesting ideas on paper, but my scribbles are probably incomprehensible to anyone but me. If anything good comes out of this assignment I'll post them here for you to see.

However in the midst of all this boring blathering, I do have some very exciting news! My boyfriend bought his tickets to come see me in early November! WEEEEEE! He will be here for a week, and I will get to show him the sights around town, and generally ignore all but the most important things at school that week. The weather will be crappy, but I can't wait to show him all the cool stuff I've seen!

It will be so good to see him. I talk to him online most days, but it's not the same and being able to touch him, or feel his presence next to me while we go about our day. I feel very lonely sometimes, and waste a lot of idle time online hoping he'll be on. Just seeing the little green "online" dot next to his screen name makes me feel a little better. A little. Obviously it can't compare to warm skin against yours as you drift off to sleep each night.

And now I should go get my day started. I'm being lazy this morning because I can be and because I have no schedule right now. *yawn*

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K. said...

Missed you today!

One of my favorite things these days is that little chime and a "HAI" in the chat window labelled "Rachael" popping up on my screen. Even better is when we call on Skype and I can see you. I'm loving being able to talk to you so much, and I am going to love coming to visit. I CAN'T WAIT!